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A new series of Group Coaching    

Intended to bring your game into FOCUS

Are you focused?
Have you ever wondered if you are on the right track?
Do you feel frustrated with things not going your way?
Or do you simply want to be the best at your game?
Are you focused enough to give it your very best?

Let’s face it,

We live busy lives with constant distractions around us! Staying focused on our goals, can be challenging. Staying focused requires conscious planning ! It needs to be practised until it becomes second nature to us. and 85% of the world you crossed paths today is probably in the same boat as you!

The difference is you might be just one step closer in getting your game together.

Let’s admit it,

nothing much can happen if you don’t have time to make it happen, making time to plan your next move is the most important factor for a sucessful business

It is like playing a game of chess; you need to be quite; you take a look at your game; then at the opposition’s game; then you look at your game again with a plan in mind; and finally you look at your alternatives and you play your best move.

Simply,your Success is largely dependent on the FOCUS you apply in your game.

Joining one of our Focus Groups could put you on track, it makes sense. Take a look;

1. Have time to reflect and plan the game.(We’ve secured space and time for you AFTER HOURS)

2. Be part of a group that is in the same boat as you.  A series of programs have been schedules for 2014/2015 and they can be attended on a once off enrollment or on a rollover plan, so YOU WILL NEVER LOSE THE MOMENTUM for the interaction you need.

3. Be coached by a qualified Business coach One of the fundamental keys of big Corporates is their accessibility to Experts and Professional advice. This however can turn expensive and quiet often inaccessible to the small business man.   Isabel  will be able to help you EXPLORE  CONCEPTS AND TECHNIQUES in order to get you focused in the game.

4.  Deal with what’s holding you back. Are you experiencing a dead lock situation? then it is wise to deal with it and, if need be, get rid of heavy stones.    Isabel’s coaching methodology is effective especially in these areas. INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS CAN BE BOOKED at your convenience.

5.  Fall into a support structure that if you chose, it can be there for as long as you which. ( Sometimes it is good to have a sounding board and learn from the experience of others.)

So the question is;

Can you afford to not be part of this dynamic concept?

Find out more….