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Coaching Young Adults

Are you lacking in clarity and direction about your future?  

Are you wanting to identify what the Lord has installed for you but you don’t really know how?

Recognizing a young person’s talent is usually a complicated task, quite often mixed with opinions from loved ones (knowing and wanting the best for their offspring) to what the young adult feels and thinks that he/she would like to do. I see too many families thorn between with what parents think it is best to what they decided to study for the sake of keeping peace.

It is time to get a New Direction!

  • Get hold of your passions
  • Look at what you doing
  • Evaluate where you want to get to.
  • Map your future

Or simply get off the boat if you are in the wrong boat!



 Could this be you?

When do you know that it is time to dig dipper into what you wanting to do?


Are you experiencing;

  •  Anxiety and uncertainty?
  • Lost interest in being sociable?
  • Can’t find motivation to do gym or sport?
  • Becoming reserved and withdrawn?
  • Battling to concentrate?
  • Lost interest in what you doing and wish you were somewhere else?
  • Irritated with people around you?
  • Feeling tired of being told what to do?
  • Headaches and muscle pain?
  • Feeling that you are not in control of yourself?
  • Questioning why you doing what you doing?
  • Noticing the happiness in others and wish you had the same?

If you said YES to 6 or more of the above,then perhaps it is time to re-look at things.



What is coaching?

A coach is like this big ear that it is NOT mom or dad, a tutor or the big boss, nor it is conflicting or religious. Coaching is moving you forward toward the goals that you desire. Coaching is not therapy. Therapy focuses on healing your past. Coaching moves you forward from today on.

Career coaching is helping identifying your skills and talent, moving you forward with confidence in choosing what could make stand above the crowd.

 Working with a coach, someone who is on your side always, is an exciting and fulfilling experience.

A Coach is someone that you can help you achieve the results you are meant to get. The quicker you can determine if you are on the right path the quicker you can gain fulfillment and success in aligning yourself with what is intended for you.



Benefits of Career Coaching for Young Adults

Working in 1-on-1 coaching with me means that you can achieve:

  • An assessment of where you are at the moment and determine what is and what is not working for you.
  • Finding the reason for it all
  • A clear vision of your passions and aspirations
  • A greater confidence through enhanced emotional intelligence
  • Determine your core values – from what you were given and raised with to what you want to honour and keep or change.
  • Clarity and direction about your values and goals
  • A fresh look at what could be installed for you, looking at possibilities and expanding the various opportunities.
  • What are the pros and cons.
  • The ability to tap into your deepest, most-meaningful Motivation.
  • Finding the comfortable path and establishing a plan to take you forward.

A Special for Young Adults

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